Rulers of Dutse
Sarki Abdullahi 1 dan Sulemanu 1 c.1912-1919

Abdullahi_Sulemanu_1912-19Sarki Abdullahi  1 dan  Sulemanu 1 c.1912-1919


Emir Abbas  appointed Abdullahi 1 as the new District  Head of Dutse. He started his administration with a very impressive tax drive to avoid the pitfalls of his predecessors.

 Within a few years, problems of emigration to neighboring Districts of Gaya and Birnin-Kudu  where  the taxes are relatively lower drained his efforts.

Sarki Hamida dan Ibrahim c.1912

Hamida_Ibrahim_1912Sarki Hamida dan Ibrahim c.1912

The deposition of two District Heads from the Yalligawa clan in succession, saw the return of  Jalligawa clan into the administration of Dutse after  several years.

 Unfortunately, Hamida died  on his way back to Dutse barely five days after his turbaning as the new District Head of Dutse.

Sarki Halilu dan Bello 1 c.1910-1911

Halilu_Bello_1910-11Sarki Halilu dan Bello 1 c.1910-1911

The deposition of Sarki Haladu, was followed by the appointment of Halilu as  the District Head of Dutse.

Like his cousin, he could not effect changes that will raise the  financial status of the District and was immediately removed from office after one year and few month in office on the ground of ineptitude.

Sarki Haladu dan Sulemanu 1 c.1903-1910

Halidu_Suleman_1903-10Sarki Haladu dan Sulemanu  1 c.1903-1910

With the conquest of Kano and the appointment of Muhaamadu Abbas as the new emir  by the  British colonial administrator [Lord  Lugard], on April 2nd  1903, the emir appointed his nephew  Haladu as Sarkin Dutse.

The new Colonial administration was dissatisfied with the  pattern of authority  in existence, particularly as regards to the collection of taxes which is central to its administration.

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