Sarki Bello 1 dan Musa c. 1840 - 1849

He was famous for his forceful and resolute character, whose enthronement was viewed by his brothers as purely a miscarriage of justice due to his maternal root in Kano ruling house. They gang-up against him in support of Sulemanu whose mother Amina was the daughter of Sarkin Dutse Gwajabo.

Despite all opposition, Bello brought glory reminiscent of [Ada ] The great. Tradition has it that Bello was not only feared by his neighbors for his military adventures, but also by his grand-parents in Kano for flouting their directives.

He suspended the payment of war chest [50% of revenue] which has become the norm in Kano-Dutse relationship since 1808. He was persuaded to meet with Sarkin Kano Usmanu dan Dabo for a family meeting to resolve the crisis with a promise of leniency and stronger military support in 1849.

On his arrival at Kano palace he was made to sit on a camouflaged mat that was actually a deep pit. His body has never been recoved.