The purpose of creating this site is as a result of many enquiries from historians and others interested in understanding our history since the creation of Jigawa State of Nigeria. Dutse [Gadawur] was relatively unknown to many people except academics even within the old Kano State. There is little wonder therefore when General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida announced the creation of Jigawa State and Dutse [Gadawur] as its capital city. Many people protested the sighting of the capital at Dutse, while there were at that time more prominent towns such as Hadejia, Gumel and Kazaure in the state.


Historical evidences available in our ltratures, shows Dutse [Gadawur] as one of the oldest urban centres within the Old Kano state. It was infact second to Birnin Kano itself. It was inhabited by many ethinic groups long before the 15th centuray, such as the [Fulbe] Genawa, Wangarawa, [Kanuri], and [Hausa] Digawa. Birnin Gija which is a few kilometres north of Dutse Gadawur is well known to historians as one of the oldest trading centres out side Birnin Kano. The conquest of the Saifawa by the el-kanemi and taking over the administration at Birnin Gazargamu futher brought about a large number of Fulbe immigrants to Dutse Gadawur, namely the Jalligawa and Yalligawa clans.


Interview with His Royal Highness the Emir of Dutse on his Biography