Emir Abdullahi Maikano dan Sulemanu c. 1960 -1983
Emir Abdullahi Maikano dan Sulemanu c. 1960 -1983


On 1st April 1981, acting on a constitutional provision which confers the power of appointment and deposition of emirs on state government, the governor of Kano state [Abubakar Rimi] approved the elevation of the four historical districts [Sarakunan Karaga] of Dutse, Gaya, Rano, and Auyo to first class Emirate status. To this effect on 5th June 1981, Abdulkahi Maikano the serving District head of Dutse was formally presented with staff of office as first class Emir.

Born in 1915 in Dutse, Abdullahi has his early education at Gidan Dan Hausa school in Nassarawa, Kano, from where he proceeded to the famous Katsina College that he finished in the mid 1930s. He served the Kano native authority in several capacities in its various departments and as northern region Minister for local government and community development from 1957-1960.

However, on the death of his father Suleman Nuhu [II] the District head of Dutse in July 1960, Abdullahi Maikano resigned his ministerial appointment to become the 17th Sarkin Dutse on 15th August 1960.
Sadly however, barely 28 months following the elevation of Dutse to emirate status the newly inaugurated governor [Sabo Bakin Zuwo] of Kano State, on 1st October 1983 announced the reversal of Dutse and the three others to their erstwhile district status. Abdullahi Maikano, opted for resignation and self-imposed exile to Hotoro in Kano, where he lived for the rest of his life.

Meanwhile Muhammad Sanusi [Born in November 1913] who retired as village head of Gurduba was called from retirement to become the 17th Sarkin Dutse on 11th November 1983.