Sarki Sulemanu 11 dan Nuhu c.1923 -1960
Sarki Sulemanu 11 dan Nuhu c.1923 -1960

On the death of Sarki Bello, Sulemanu a school teacher at Shahuchi primary school in Kano city, and a grandson of Sarkin Dutse Sulemanu 1 was recommended by the Colonial Administration and appointed by emir of Kano Usman as the new District Head of Dutse.

His authority like his predecessor, was confined to Dutse alone, until 1924 when the District Colonial Officer [Mr. Middleton] recommended the formal curving out of Kiyawa District comprising of twenty six villages from Dutse under Dan-Lawan Umaru Yola, while .Sulemanu was left with thirty three villages as Dutse District.

In view of his western education and exposure Sulemanu, was able to bring new life to Dutse after some initial problems. He was rated by the Colonial Administration as the best District Head and was deputizing the Madakin Kano [senior councilor] at the emirate headquarters.

In 1932, the Colonial Administration, was fully convinced that Sulemanu is capable of administering the old Dutse District, re-amalgamated Kiyawa back into Dutse.

His tenure, coincided with period when colonial administrations around the world were facing stiff opposition, and had to respond to the mounting agitations for independence in their colonies. In 1936, the first elementary school was established in Dutse, upgraded to class four in 1945, and moved to its present site in 1952. Another junior elementary school was opened at Kiyawa in 1949.

During his tenure, a reading room, many open wells, market stalls, and feeder roads were constructed within the District.

In 1947, Sarki Sulemanu provided the Sudan Interior Mission a land to establish the first clinic, and when the Kano Native Authority established a leporacy clinic at Katangare in 1950, the SIM contributed immensely to the running of the clinic.

His charisma and love for education and development of his people is legendary. Sulemanu died in july 1960 at Kano Hospital and was buried at his official residence
At Dandago quarters in the city.