Bello dan Abdulkadir 1 c.1919 -1923
Bello dan Abdulkadir 1 c.1919 -1923

As a result of the uprising against Dan-Lawan Ahmadu the Colonial Administration reduced the status of Dutse to a mere Village Head as a punitive measure to punish the members of Dutse ruling families.

Bello, was appointed Sarkin Dutse with limited jurisdiction and placed under a new District Head [Dan-Lawan Umaru yola] by the new emir of Kano [Usman dan Abdullahi] barely one month after his coronation.
The appointment of Dan-lawan Umaru Yola did not solve the political situation in Dutse, as Dutse ruling houses view this as an effort to bring Dutse under total control of Kano.

Several pressure groups emerged against the imposition of an alien to rule Dutse. The struggle became so intense that Dan- Lawan Umaru became ineffective in the collection of taxes, his primary responsibility.
The Colonial Administration had always believed that Dutse District is too large to be administered under one District administrator and therefore transferred Dan- Lawan to Kiyawa, while Bello remained in Dutse and was partially recognized as a District Head in compensation to Dutse ruling houses for the lost of their authority until his death in 1923.