Sarki Haladu dan Sulemanu 1 c.1903 -1910
Sarki Haladu dan Sulemanu 1 c.1903 -1910

With the conquest of Kano and the appointment of Muhaamadu Abbas as the new emir by the British colonial administrator [Lord Lugard], on April 2nd 1903, the emir appointed his nephew Haladu as Sarkin Dutse.

The new Colonial administration was dissatisfied with the pattern of authority in existence, particularly as regards to the collection of taxes which is central to its administration.

The Colonial Resident Officer [Mr.Cargil] came up with the idea of grouping several villages under one District administration. The new system had reduced the importance and influence of Sarkin Dutse [now a mere sub-District Head].

Dutse, Gaya and Jahun were grouped under one District Administrator [The Wazir District]. Interestingly, the tax collections for the years 1906-1908, showed remarkable increase in Dutse and many parts of Kano emirate which gave Mr.Cargil new impetus to introduce further reforms in 1908 which created additional fourteen District Administrations including Dutse as a separate District.

The elevation of Dutse as a District requires the creation of sub-District Heads for the collection of taxes. Dutse Villages were re-grouped into four sub-Districts under Madakin Dutse, Sarkin Yakin Dutse, Tafidan Dutse, and Makaman Dutse.[the most influential title holders at the time].

The colonial administration also placed all District Heads on a salary structure, which puts them on a fixed annual income. Sarki Haladu was therefore the first to receive a fixed salary from the [Native Authority] treasury.

Unfortunately for him, the summer of 1909 witnessed partial drought resulting in poor havest in Dutse District. Haladu could not make his case to the colonial administration effectively, and therefore had to be removed on charges of embezzlement of tax funds