Sarki Ibrahim dan Salihi 1 c.1868 - 1884
Sarki Ibrahim dan Salihi 1 c.1868 - 1884

On the demise of Sarki Sulemanu, the succession reverted to Jalligawa Salihi’s lineage after about half a century.

The then Emir of Kano Abdullahi dan Dabo appointed Ibrahim Irema the third youngest child of Sarki Salihi as Sarkin Dutse.

However, his reign was terminated in 1884, by the new emir of Kano Muhammadu Bello who began a systematic purge of top ranking officials whom he perceived as staunch loyalist of his predecessor.

In a letter to the Wazir of Sokoto in 1884 he wrote- In the name of Allah the merciful, the compassionate; may Allah bless the noble prophet.From Sultan of Kano Muhammad Bello, son of the late Sultan Ibrahim.

Finest greetings, purest peace, noblest joy.To Amir al-masalih, wali al-was’aih [lord of affairs, master of counsel] the most esteemed wazir Aballah, entrusted with the affairs of all as was his late father malam Gidado.After this.We also counted his slaves and found they numbered eighty head. I ordered them to be divided into two halves – one half came to us, and they numbered fourty. I divided my half into two- I send you one half. They are twenty [necks] : for the Amir al-muminin fifteen and for you five.

This is to inform you that when we deposed the governor [amil] of Dutse, we ordered the enumeration of of what he possessed and the materials for Jihad such as horses and swords and guns- all of these we left for whoever is appointed to govern the region [wilaya] of Dutse. And we did not take our thing [part].

This is all. May Allah prolong your days for us for the betterment of the affairs of the Muslims since the coming of the Shaik of Islam, Uthman. Peace.

[On reverse: "To the hand of the amir of affairs, Abdullah the wazir"]